Weight Management

3 Options:

  1. Full Liquid Fast. Traditional.
    Medically monitored very low calorie regimen. This plan involves the use of a full liquid replacement meal which could be as low as 700 calories and 120 grams of protein depending on your fat free mass, measured by our state of the art bioimpedence technology. A full liquid fast allows the body to lose weight quickly and effectively. This plan is also accompanied by prescription appetite suppressants and the use of our dihydrocapsiate chili supplement for fat burn.
  2. Modified Liquid Fast. Modern.
    Medically monitored low calorie regimen. This plan involves the replacement of two of the three meals a day with protein liquid replacement. Caloric intake ranges from 900-1200 calories and 120 grams of protein. This plan is more realistic for the modern lifestyle with the flexibility of incorporating one high protein food meal.
  3. Maintenance. Lifestyle
    Once your goal weight is reached, it is important to maintain your weight loss by being active with a supportive plan. You will continue to see a physician-nutritionist specialist for close monitoring, objective measurement of your bioimpedence and continue to utilize the tools of protein replacements and appetite suppressants.